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Is it right to charge for a reading / message from spirit?

By:Kev Moores
Date: Tue,09 Nov 2010
Submitter:kev moores

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Hello again everyone! I do hope that you are all keeping well! Recently spirit has changed the way that they are working with me and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as to where and why I am here in this life? What is my purpose of being here? After having everything that I could have wished for in life both intrinsically and materialistically I am now left with only the intrinsic things...circumstances that surrounded me caused me to lose everything that I had materialistically and I’ve been forced to start from scratch so to speak all over again! I feel that I have been stripped to the bear bone and that spirit are rebuilding me as a person.

I have retained the traits of my personality, love, honour, loyalty, selflessness, compassion, understanding, and the need to help others. The need to help others in life is something that I’m very aware of and I feel that this could be my calling if you understand....being a medium I’ve come to realise that you can turn the lives of so many people around! Giving them some evidence from beyond the veil that their loved ones are still around them and that they are aware of their problems on the earth plane is very rewarding.
Telling a person who is depressed that their loved ones who are in spirit are trying to make things right in their life is very rewarding. Seeing the recipient of the message smile, laugh or cry with joy and happiness is priceless. No amount of money in the world can buy that smile. No amount of money in the world can buy the tools which enables mediums to do this.

This leads me to the topic of whether or not it is right for a medium to charge for his or her services? In my opinion....and I feel very strongly about this, I was given a gift not through choice! I chose to accept this gift after what seemed like along fight and I’ve been able to use it in helping other people that aren’t functioning in life as they should be.....WHO AM I TO EXPLOIT SOMEONES LOSS FOR MY OWN FINANCIAL GAIN????

I couldn’t charge someone for a message that I was giving to him/her from spirit! How could I? How could I take money from a person that was in need of love and comfort from their loved ones??? I recall the first month or so when I started seeing spirit...I was suicidal and ready for ending my own life because I had no understanding of the spirit world.

I rang a lady from the local paper who claimed to be a medium and ran a school of bear in mind if a 28 year old bloke rang you crying, saying that he was suicidal because of the things he saw your natural instinct would be to help......that would be my instinct too! to my horror I was told by the lady that she could see me the following day but the damage to my pocket would be £60 for 30 minutes.....having lost everything in my materialistic life I made my excuses and hung up! I know that I’ve gone off on a tangent here and I do apologise but I was in need of help like the recipients of all those that want messages from their loved ones who have made the transition to the spirit world.

I agree that mediumship is a lifetime apprenticship that we sacrifice a lot of personal time for....but that time to me is well spent....Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back. Seeing someone smile because you have given them a message is very much the same.....priceless. Today, there are many, many spiritually gifted people out there earning their living providing psychic services to seekers of the light.

This is what they do to take care of their family and to pay bills like everyone else. We are all servants of spirit but even our pastors and ministers must rely upon money to carry on their work and to take care of their responsibilities. this is where I feel the majority of gifted people exploit others do these people who so call work in love and light justify the ridiculous prices that they charge their clients....for me...accepting travelling expenses is justified....helping someone that is in need comes for free from me...I needed help once and it was at a cost that was well beyond my needs....thank you for taking the time to read my article and I would welcome any comments...please take care, best, light and laughter always.....kev...x
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Sally said:

Bear in mind that workshops can take months and sometimes years to get ready. Its like the sum total of someones lifes work and I think its fair for them to ask for a fair price. It is our choice if to attend or not. I did a vision workshop that took months to prepare and research and practice for to get the material just right. I took two seperate weeks off work and rented a quiet place to work to totally absorb the material. Even then it took a further 8 weeks to prepare the handouts and get it ready. My costs were fairly high as you can imagine and with 9 people on the course, £100 costs for room hire etc. how much would you charge?
Tue,16 Nov 2010,15:38:54 GMT

C Walls said:

Hi Kevin - I totally agree with you. I see lots of workshops that I would love to attend but the prices they charge are simply not affordable - bearing in mind that there are usually at least 30 people and multiply it by the £100+ charges - its easy money. I went to a workshop once in London about 6 years for which I paid £60 and when I arrived there were at least 200 people sitting in the hall - making a princely sum of £12,000. for a day's work and the subject - 'Money and How To Attract it' - Regards
Mon,15 Nov 2010,11:33:42 GMT

Sally said:

Good idea about asking for any exchange, not necessarily money. I have touched on this with my clients.
Mon,15 Nov 2010,09:46:19 GMT

Sharon Leech said:

I agree with you, to charge astronomical amounts of money is when ego has taken over and the love, light and guidance has been lost.
I love every day of being chosen to do this work and I thank my Guides and Angels every day.
I would never turn anyone away who came to me, as they have been sent to me for a reason by their guides/angels. I do this on a full time basis and do have bills and food to buy just like every other person. What I do is charge, what I feel is a reasonable price to cover my expenses, however there are times in all lives when even then the reasonable cost is still too high. I will always give my costs and end by saying however if money value is out of the question, then they can pay by whatever means they can afford. This can be a bunch of flowers or fruit and veg picked from their garden/allotment or a home baked cake or biscuits or an exchange of service, be it sewing, DIY job or whatever the receiver decides they want to give. This way an exchange is given to both parties and keeps the flow of energy flowing.
I do have reservations of this work been done for entertainment in the media. I feel on one hand, it is bringing more interest from people who, perhaps would not have found their interest in this work had it not been for media. Whilst on the other hand, I fail to see how when giving messages, you can be directed by your Guides and the producers for TV. Perhaps this could be another debate.
Sun,14 Nov 2010,22:09:26 GMT

Tracy said:

I quite agree with you, I think its diabolical that these so called mediums that claim to work for the good of all and for the Light charge such rediculous extortionate prices, from people who are suffering and perhaps don't even have that kind of money. I myself could not turn down a genuine plight just because they have no money, I would have to help, as that is my calling. These so called mediums are clearly not working for the Light, they are service to self and very ego based, and give the real mediums of Light a very bad name and bad reputation. I think that if mediumship is your only source of income then of course you should charge so that you can meet your living expenses, but let it be within a reasonable amount, you would get so much more clients that way, and spirit would always reward those who serve the Light anyway. What goes around comes around. And as you said, it is so very rewarding to see someone smile or you make someones day, that in itself is reward.
Love and Light
Sun,14 Nov 2010,15:50:25 GMT

Sally said:

If you are a doctor you get paid, if you are a road sweeper you get paid. Either of them can also be working with spirit within their jobs. If you devote your whole life to healing and medium work then you are still providing a service to people who can choose if to use you or not taking into account of your charges. If I was not to charge my clients then I would have to get another job which would prevent me helping so many people because my day would be full and I would be tired at the end of the day.
It is a challenge though. I did an all day spiritual workshop that took weeks to arrange, hire of the hall and expenses was about £100. I asked for donations rather than set a price and prevent some with money issues from coming but donations were low level and does not encouage me to do it again.
Sun,14 Nov 2010,12:00:37 GMT

Kim said:

Dear Kev, I read your article with interest and felt I had to reply to you to let you know you arent the only one spirit are 're-inventing' I too lost all my material possessions last July when I was made homeless. I managed to find a temporary job just beforehand which provided me with enough money to the penny to buy a very small caravan. I have had a period of quiet and contemplation to rethink my values in life and then started to feel I was being 'pushed' to help others. I was a Reiki level 1 practitioner but felt I had to do my level 2 asap to take it to a wider area and to heal more people in need not just family and friends. I charge a minimal amount to cover my insurance costs and travelling costs and some overheads which are very small. Also I will offer a free treatment day for the ones who really cant afford it. This is an idea given to me by my Reiki Master.
In the summer I will offer free treatments for a donation to charity. I dont miss my material things at all and actually feel richer for the chance to live simply and honestly in the service of others. I have a job now which helps me pay the bills and the necessary and it also gives me plenty of free time for the healing.
Spirit works in mysterious ways and all we have to do is listen and learn from what they are trying to tell us and offer us.
Namaste my friend and keep up the good work xxx
Sun,14 Nov 2010,09:14:01 GMT

Tamasin McGregor said:

Thank you for your posting, it is a very interesting subject, the question of charging for your services. A lot of people I have met who work for spirit believe that materialism is opposite to spiritualism. After many years of being torn first one way and then the other, I now believe there has to be a balance. If a medium accepts donations then it is left to the person offering the money as to how much they afford and what they want to pay.

I also believe that the question of money and an exchange of energy is one of the many lessons we have to learn about in life. Some people have so much and others so little and yet both people will have had amazing life experiences.

Some people value money so much that they believe that if a tarot reader/psychic/healer is any good they cost money. If you want a really good one who knows what they are doing it will cost you £100. Honestly, I know people like this.

Many people, living in the material world, expect you to be charging and for you to have given it some thought as to the value you put on your time (whether that is £5.00 per hour or £75.00 per hour), it is then their choice whether to use you or not.

Again, the question of balance and sleeping at night, having a conscience, knowing when to offer help freely and when to accept payment? I believe this is part of each individual mediums personal development and part of their own path.

Love and light to all who need it, and thank you for posting.
Fri,12 Nov 2010,21:57:41 GMT

Sunflower said:

Hi, totally agree with all you've said & know where your coming from. I done healing at a local church for a number of years & never charged for it, people just paid a donation to the church to go towards the hiring of the hall. Alot of the mediums for services charged approx £5 just to cover their travelling which is fine, but I remember once we had a special evening & the medium done about 7 messages & wanted £150 for the night!! We were gobsmacked we bunged about £50 in an envelope & that was it. I can understand people charging if that is their job as everyone has bills to pay, but agree some do exploit it. Me & my partner always done healing for free, but when we've needed help have always had to pay for it. A lady I used to know had just done reiki courses, we asked if she could do some on us, she charged us £20 each saying she would normally charge £30, needless to say we had one session & that was it. Some people are just too wrapped up in the material world which is all an illusion. If your on a spiritual walk, its a hard one & alot of people are stripped of everything to then start again, cos I think it is only then you have a greater understanding of everything. Blessings
Wed,10 Nov 2010,11:17:33 GMT
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